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Vaaj Deep Kitchen Cleaning

Vaaj Hospitality Cleaning Services are guaranteed to exceed your standards and expectations.

In consultation with you, Vaaj Hospitality Cleaning Services will create a personalised cleaning schedule at agreed times and standards, adhering to all the required hospitality industry and quality assurance standards for hotels, motels, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

Vaaj Hospitality Cleaning is committed to presenting your premises to the high standard expected and appreciated by your patrons, guests and customers.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

Vaaj Hospitality Cleaning are specialists in deep cleaning of commercial kitchens. Where the kitchen has become soiled beyond what a normal, reasonable clean will remove - Vaaj Hospitality Cleaning can restore your professional kitchen to as good as new, using advanced chemicals and cleaning methods for your hospitality equipment.

Just took over that lease of an existing restaurant? or just ending a lease? Vaaj Hospitality Cleaning Services will deep clean your premises to as good as new.

Deep Fryer Cleaning

Deep fryer cleaning is one of the hardest, most time consuming tasks in any commercial kitchen. Most commercial deep fryers require regular cleaning to comply with health regulations. Vaaj Hospitality Cleaning has more than 12 years experience complying with these regulations, cleaning commercial deep fryers in the hospitality industry. They also can supply and replenish your deep fryer cooking oil after cleaning.

Cleaning of Extraction Canopies and Filters

Due to health regulations these canopies and filters require regular scheduled cleaning. Vaaj Hospitality Cleaning can create a personalised, regular schedule to coincide with your daily operation of your commercial kitchen.

New Premises – Building Site Cleaning

Your opening is only days away and you need a thorough clean before the day? Vaaj Hospitality Cleaning have a specialist team that can usually be onsite within 48 hours to carry out a full 'builders clean'.

Building works create excessive dust and dirt, Vaaj Hospitality Cleaning can thoroughly clean your property before that final inspection, opening night or refurbishment.

Bar Areas – Back of house

Vaaj Hospitality Cleaning has the expertise and flexibility to clean you bar area outside your trading hours. Cleaning the wet areas, bar mats and patron areas to approved hygiene and industry standards.

Kitchen Cleaning

Vaaj Hospitality Cleaning services can be contracted for regular daily kitchen cleaning through Vaaj Hospitality Staffing.

Providing experienced dishwashers, kitchen hands and stewards to clean your commercial kitchen and work within your daily operation.

Infectious Control

Upon request, Vaaj Hospitality Cleaning can organise and implement regular infection control procedures to adhere to statutory regulations.